Billions of dollars are being invested in the region's utility infrastructure to meet the future demands of the region's businesses, industries and residents while maintaining the region’s competitive rates, which have historically been below national and Midwest averages.

We Energies, which provides electricity and natural gas throughout the region, plans to invest $3.5 billion on infrastructure projects and renewable energy initiatives over the next five years. In the last five years, the utility invested $4.8 billion on new coal plants in Oak Creek and a new natural gas power plant in Port Washington that have improved electric reliability for both businesses and consumers. The emission-control technology used in the two 615-megawatt generating units in Oak Creek makes them the cleanest coal-fueled units in the United States. We Energies’ total generation has expanded to approximately 8,300 megawatts today.

In 2015, We Energies was named the winner of the ReliabilityOne award in the Midwest region, marking the eleventh time in the past 14 years the utility has been honored. The award is given annually by PA Consulting Group to the utilities that have excelled in delivering reliable electric service to their customers.

In 2011, We Energies completed the largest wind generation site in the state – Glacier Hills Wind Park in Columbia County to complement its Blue Sky Green Field Wind Energy Center in Fond du Lac County, completed in 2008. We Energies also purchases renewable generation from other energy producers with sites in Wisconsin and surrounding states.

In addition to We Energies, other electric utilities serving the area include Alliant Energy and municipal electric utilities in Cedarburg, Oconomowoc, Hartford, Elkhorn and Slinger.


The region’s proximity to Lake Michigan, the sixth largest fresh-water lake in the world, provides businesses with an abundant and reliable source of water. In addition, the Milwaukee Region has the lowest wastewater treatment rates among the nation’s 50 largest urban areas.

The Milwaukee Water Works is the drinking water utility owned by the City of Milwaukee. With Lake Michigan as its source, it provides clean, safe drinking water to residents and businesses of Milwaukee and 15 neighboring communities. Milwaukee Water Works offers water-intensive industry and abundant supply of treated water at a consistent, reliable pressure.

Milwaukee's abundant, high-quality supply of water is one of the reasons Coca-Cola Enterprises, Cargill Meat Solutions, The Falk Corporation and MillerCoors successfully operate their businesses here. Milwaukee Water Works operates at one-third its rated capacity and can treat billions of gallons of water in addition to the 34 billion gallons it currently treats annually. Learn more about the benefits Milwaukee's water can offer your business.


The Milwaukee Region offers a multitude of telecommunications options. AT&T is the area’s largest local-access service provider, followed by Spectrum, which provides extensive cable-based telecommunications services throughout the region, Dish Network and DirecTV. A complete list of all telecommunications providers serving the area is available through The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.


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