Taxes / Business Costs

The State of Wisconsin is creating policies that advance emerging industries and allow businesses to compete nationally and globally. From $2 billion in tax relief, including the Manufacturing & Agriculture Tax Credit which results in an effective corporate tax rate of 0.4 percent for manufacturing and agricultural activities, to tort reform that improves the litigation climate with sensible civil liability law updates, Wisconsin is reducing the fiscal burden on state companies.

If growing your business is a top priority, here are some solutions that are designed with your needs in mind:


Wisconsin has taken great strides to make our state a better place for your business. We’ve created an environment that is truly pro-business and combined it with our great location and highly skilled workforce. It’s the right combination of advantages that make Wisconsin the right place for your business.

You can compare the cost of doing business in Wisconsin with other states by visiting the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.'s Business Cost Comparison Tool.



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