Talent and Workforce

The Milwaukee Region offers a well-educated, skilled and dedicated workforce. The Federal Reserve ranks it the most productive region in the Midwest and the ninth most productive region nationwide.

Roughly 2 million residents, 56,000 business establishments and 24 tech schools, colleges and universities call the Milwaukee Region home, creating a deep talent pool for your business. Each year, about 125,000 students are enrolled in the region’s 24 technical schools, colleges and universities. More than 90 percent of metro Milwaukee’s working age residents are high school graduates and more than half have attended college. The percentage of those age 25 and over with a bachelor’s degree rose from 31% in 2009 to 34% in 2014 in the Milwaukee area. More than 20,000 people graduate from the region’s universities and colleges each year. >>Learn more.

While known as a manufacturing center, the service, technology and health care sectors have experienced the most rapid growth in recent years. More than 90,000 people are employed in technology positions. Management and professional occupations account for 35 percent of the workforce, followed by sales and office occupations (27 percent); production, transportation and material moving occupations (18 percent); service occupations (13 percent) and construction (7 percent).

Click on the following link for statistics on the Milwaukee Region's labor force and wage rates.

The Milwaukee 7 Talent Partnership is aligning the Milwaukee Region’s talent resources with high-growth industry clusters, creating a stronger, more agile workforce.

In southeastern Wisconsin, it is essential that we grow the talent pool, reaching young people earlier to introduce them to the world of work and potential careers in the region. The Milwaukee metro area is projected to see the gap between available jobs and available workforce increase to 100,000 by 2023. These unfilled job openings are the result of modest economic growth, an aging workforce and a declining working-age population

To meet this workforce challenge, the Milwaukee 7 Talent Partnership's priorities are focused on finding and developing the talent businesses need by:

Addressing Immediate Talent Needs for Business
When a company expands in or relocates to the Milwaukee Region, finding new workers can’t wait. The Milwaukee 7 Talent Partnership connects companies to the right people and resources to help fill positions immediately. The Talent Partnership can help you navigate the many agencies, staffing companies and college connections that make the most sense for your industry and business. For immediate assistance with your workforce needs, please submit the following form.

Developing the Talent Pipeline: The GROW HERE Campaign

The Milwaukee 7 Talent Partnership's GROW HERE Campaign is bringing businesses and students together to keep young, talented workers in the Milwaukee Region. GROW HERE facilitates career-based learning experiences for students so they are better prepared to enter and succeed in the workforce. The initiative connects businesses, students, educators and community organizations through the Inspire web-based platform and creates opportunities for ongoing interactions.

The Goal:
Provide 200,000 career-based learning experiences with businesses by 2020.

- Participating companies experience significant improvement in time-to-fill and retention rates so your business can GROW HERE.

- Young people understand regional career opportunities and choose career paths in industries that allow them to GROW HERE.

Learn more about the GROW HERE Campaign and how your business or school district can get involved at M7TalentPartnership.org.

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